Now in print

Recently I carved out some time for a project I’ve wanted to finish for quite a while. My novel Love Divine is now available as a paperback. It’s print-on-demand, and the price is currently $6, which basically covers the cost of printing. I’m not  really looking to earn anything much fro m the project; I just wanted the paperback to be available for my friends who expressed an interest in a hard copy of the book. So it’s here! Via Createspace and Draft2digital and my own attempts at cover design, Love Divine is in paperback.


One thought on “Now in print

  1. I just finished part 3 of Hope-Unbroken. (I reared Part 2 first)

    Very well constructed and written. Your character development is authentic and I cared about them. (That doesn’t happen in every book I read.) The story kept my interest.

    I liked the quiet way they each turned to Jesus. Also, there wasn’t a big realization with each other that they both had come to faith, but just the things they said and the way they responded to the situation with Vicki (? the brother’s wife) at the end was clear they had each changed.

    I liked the way their relationship built and how patient Mark was with Anna. Especially how he eased into touching her – very tender!

    You took a tricky subject and made it real, but not sensational.

    You are a good writer! ———————————————— We are coming to Galveston with Becky and her family January 6-10. I don’t know what you have for time that week, but we’d like to meet up with you. Is there a park by you where the kiddos could play and we can chat? Maybe Saturday AM or early PM? Naps are hit or miss with Becky’s 3-year-old (Emma) and the 1-year-old (Clara) can sleep in the car on the way down or back . We would come to you. And we certainly could come to the house, but didn’t want to put you out. And it can be another day if Saturday doesn’t work. Not sure who would come…it may be me, Becky and the girls or the guys may come, too. Who knows!

    We’re staying at the Diamond Resort. We wanted an indoor pool and it’s the only place in Galveston that has one! I was thinking it would be beach weather SOOO far south, but according to the weather treads I saw on-line, Galveston’s not really hot in January! Which is unfortunate as the Diamond has an amazing outdoor pool! Northerns can swim at 70 degrees, so we’ll see what the week brings.


    ____ ____

    Linda Norton

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