Historical Mystery

My first historical mystery is now completed! And available as an ebook and a paperback.

It’s called THE HOUR OF FATALITY: A Jane Rochester Mystery

Here’s the description:

Jane Eyre’s story continues…with a mysterious rumor and a dangerous secret.

Jane is married at last to Mr. Rochester, but with Thornfield Hall destroyed by fire, they have no home to go to except Ferndean Manor. To Jane it is the perfect escape for a storm-tossed couple, but it does not hide them from the wings of trouble.

Mr. Rochester’s faithful land agent has disappeared with nothing but a letter as an explanation. Why did he depart so quickly from Thornfield? Local tales abound regarding Thornfield Hall, but Jane is unable to investigate when she is struck down by typhoid fever. With the aid of Diana Rivers, they flee illness to Ingram Park, only to find a far more deadly mystery waiting for them…

A hidden disaster lies in wait for the Ingram household, and Jane must rely on her own abilities, and on the long experience of Mr. Rochester, to uncover the truth.

If she fails, it may prove to be her most fatal hour.

I hope to write more books about Jane and Mr. Rochester. Here is a VERY tentative description for what I hope will be the next in the series, THE RECIPIENT OF SECRETS:

Jane and Mr. Rochester are still without a home to call their own, and so accept an invitation to Moor House in the North, where Jane’s cousin Mary is keeping house by herself. The journey is more eventful than they expect, when their picnic stop turns up a violent man who develops a grudge against Mr. Rochester.

Meanwhile, eerie rumors abound of a strange spirit roaming the empty moors and troubling the people of Morton. The Reverend Wharton becomes their ally in discerning the secrets concealed by the moor, but a shocking murder soon reveals that lives are at stake. Jane must keep her head if she is to find the culprit and deliver her husband and her friends from the danger that looms over them.