Christian Romance

Love Divine by [McKinley, LeAnne]

Thirty and single is not exactly where Lauren wants to be in her life. Her childhood friend Blake is the perfect solution. Who could be better marriage material than a pastor?

But then she meets Benjamin – attractive, insightful and in tune to her deepest thoughts, and her pragmatic plan seems less appealing than before.

Not that she is going to marry him either. God and Benjamin do not get along, and that makes him all wrong for her.

He is the only man she has ever met who understands the beauty of the visible world in the same way that she does, but he refuses to believe in the God she trusts in. Steering clear of him means giving up her only chance at happiness. But her faith in Christ might demand that very sacrifice.

Love Divine is a brief novel of about 56,000 words, or 200 pages. This is a stand alone Christian Romance.

Unromantic: A Love Story: (Christian Romance) by [McKinley, LeAnne]

Jane Hunter is highly skeptical of romance.

Romantic fancies sound good in a 19th century British novel, but in 21st century Vermont, she is planning on plenty of hard work and self-reliance. The daughter of a single mother who sacrificed her dreams to take care of her, Jane plans to show her gratitude by pursuing a nursing degree and being as responsible and self-supporting as she can.

To accomplish her dreams, she leaves behind her housekeeping job and moves to the college town of Burlington with the daughter of her employer, and her best friend, Charlotte. Charlotte is full of big plans as well, and she is hoping for a little excitement, especially the romantic kind. Jane wants to keep her friend from getting too involved with the wrong kind of guy, but the move proves that her plans are harder to realize than she expected; it also means that she sees a lot more of Charlie Pratt.

Charlie is Charlotte’s cousin, and Jane is becoming more important to him than he ever expected. Wise, kind and content, he knows that he’s found something in her that he doesn’t want to live without. What he doesn’t know is that a Christian girl who lives according to principle will not find the dissipated son of a ruthless businessman to be very romance-inducing!

Jane’s idealized hopes for the future are in danger of collapsing, and it will take a radical love story to set things right.

This is a stand alone Christian Romance novel: 290 pages