To find out what LeAnne is publishing…

I’ve always been mildly surprised that I don’t like blogging very often. After all, I like to write. I’m also interested in myself, which is what I would be blogging about. But it never works. I lose interest, I forget, I get an idea for a brilliant post, sit down to write it, and start working on a story instead. So I guess there’s something to be said for knowing what you are actually going to do, and a consistent blogger I am just not going to be.

SO, I am going to use this lovely little blog to post info about when my books are published and leave it at that. It will likely be more interesting than my thoughts on myself anyway.

My current plan is to format a Christmas story for Kindle and to make it available before Christmas actually arrives. I will also post it here for free, as my gift to anyone who is interested.

My first novel, Love Divine,will hopefully be ready early in 2013. I’m hoping before Valentine’s day at least. I’m looking forward to my little book making its way in the world, and hope that later projects will go smoother once I have at least one book’s worth of experience behind me. So that’s that!

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