Why Write?

n.b. – moved from old blog

Many writers answer this question with, “I have to”, or “I need to”. It is usually written in a more fascinating way, but that is what it typically boils down to. Many writers feel compelled to write. Now, I’m intimidated by the idea of calling myself a ‘writer’ , (with a capital W right?), but I never liked this answer. I think it is rare than anyone feels irresistibly compelled to do anything.

Really, though, I think I was afraid that I had failed to make it into the writing club because I didn’t have some uncontrollable to urge to put one word in front of another.

Well, maybe I do, because although I have not written a lot since I left school, (excepting this past year), I have always written down ideas, beginnings of stories, scraps of dialogue, and so on. But what it really comes down to is this – I like to write. It’s fun. But it is not easy fun. It’s hard fun. Coming up with meaningful fiction ideas that drive me to keep writing is even harder, and has proved to be the real turning point for me I think.

The great thing I have discovered, that for some peculiar reason has eluded me for years, is that writing makes me happy. How did I miss this? I’m not sure. But when I’ve spent some time piecing together my imaginary world on paper, I feel at peace with myself.
I mope a bit when the story is proving difficult, but when things are going more or less okay, I’m okay too. This, to me, is a very sweet gift, that I have finally found the courage to do the thing that makes me happy, and that God made me to be somebody who could love to write.

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