The Next Jane Rochester Mystery is on Kindle Vella

Since Amazon loves to capitalize on the new and shiny, it has come out with a new reading option called Kindle Vella, allowing authors to distribute new content in an episodic format. To be honest I don’t know much more about it than that. But My first Jane Rochester mystery was actually written as episodes for a time. (That’s not available anymore.) It was kind of a fun format so I thought I would try it again with the next book. I haven’t gotten terribly far but if you would like to read the beginning of The Recipient of Secrets, its here. I believe the first three episodes are free, so its kind of like a sneak preview:)

ncidentally, I have been stuck on this book for weeks, starting and stopping the same scene, writing it from different angles, trying to figure out why I couldn’t move forward with it. One of my initial ideas turned out a little silly once it was on the page, and I think I was just giving away too much information at once, not leaving enough for Jane to get to work solving. But I think I’ve finally figured it out and I’m hoping the next stage of the book will move a little faster. Or not. One never knows. But if the story cooperates, I will be sharing more episodes on Kindle Vella.

And if Vella, or Kindle, is not your thing, I plan is to eventually remove it from the platform and make it available as a paperback and eboo

Happy reading! To view the story, click here. The Recipient of Secrets.

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